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Fire Safety for Fire Marshal (RQF)

Duration: 1 day

Certificate: valid for 3 years.

Curriculum includes:

  • elements of the fire triangle
  • how smoke and fire spread
  • examples of how the risk of fire can be lowered in a workplace
  • common fire controls in a workplace
  • how to use a range of fire controls including Fire Exits and Fire Doors
  • importance of clear routes or travel
  • how to use a range of portable fire extinguishers
  • actions to be taken on hearing a fire alarm
  • how a safe evacuation can be undertaken in a workplace
  • how members of the public and visitors should be alerted to the presence of a potential fire
  • what is meant by the term personal emergency evacuation plan
  • when a personal emergency evacuation plan would be implemented
  • ways of supporting an individual during an evacuation
  • actions to be taken by a fire marshal during an evacuation
  • how to undertake a search of a workplace
  • information that should be passed to the emergency services
  • the day-to-day duties of a fire marshal

Please phone or email for more details.

020 8133 8552;       admin@londonfirstaidtraining.com

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