London First Aid Training in Clapham South.

Group booking


Please email to enquire our reduced costs. Prices will vary depending on how many places you book for courses held at our venue. Group booking is payable by bacs/invoice only.

Your venue:

If you prefer to hold the course at your venue, please send us the full address of your venue. We can come to your venue to deliver a first aid course for your staff.

Please contact us and we will send you our costs and available dates. If you prefer a certain date, please let us know.

Contact details:

Telephone: 020 8133 8552

Course Feedback:

"Great! Really engaging,clear, and interesting - I feel confident." - Lola (27 March 2024) (Emergency First Aid at Work course.)

"Best first aid course I have attended. It is the first time I have felt I really learned first aid properly." - Charles (12 Oct 2023) (Emergency First Aid at Work course.)

"Dull subject at times, but Tom made it interesting." - Kwame (12 Oct 2023) (Emergency First Aid at Work course.)

"Very thorough and knowledgeable trainer. Was great at answering questions with extra information. Enjoyed training & I feel confident to give first aid." - Edesiri (11 Oct 2023) (Paediatric First Aid course.)

"Very informative and engaging." - Jessica (11 Oct 2023) (Paediatric First Aid course.)

"Very good and informative, clear to understand." - Belinda (11 Oct 2023) (Paediatric First Aid course.)

"I normally find these courses a bit slow, but Tom was very engaging and explained things clearly. I very much enjoyed using skills learned on the manequins for practicle learning." (10/10) - Ally (3 Oct 2023) (1-day Emergency First Aid at Work course.)

"Tom has a very conversational style and made the course content engaging, paying specific attention to each person's preferred learning style. I found some of the subject changes a bit chaotic when we moved between topics, but that could well be me!" (10/10) - Natalia (3 Oct 2023) (1-day Emergency First Aid at Work course.)

Contact details:; Tel: 020 8133 8552.
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