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First Aid at Work

Duration: 18 hours or 3 days;
Certificate: Valid for 3 years.
Accreditation: This is an Ofqual-regulated qualification.

Course for a group at your venue:

This course is also offered for group booking where courses can be held at your venue. Please contact us to enquire for discounts on group bookings.

You can book from a minimum of 4 up to 12 participants. Let us know how many people will attend and we will send you the costs and available dates.

Class size:

Maximum of 12 participants for each course.
For group booking, you can book from a minimum of 4 up to 12 participants.


3 successive days or
1 day per week for 3 weeks (ie 3 Mondays).

Course Content:

This 3-day First Aid at Work course is suitable for people 16 years old and above who may need to provide first aid in the workplace to respond to accidents, injuries or illnesses.

Suitable for office environments as well as high risk environments like construction sites. In office environments, normally one or two first Aiders attend the 3-day First Aid at Work course and more attending the one-day Emergency First Aid at Work course.

Day 1 of this course is the same as the one-day Emergency First Aid at Work course. Day 2 and 3 covers a variety of injuries and medical conditions.

Learners will develop first aid skills and confidence to help someone

This course is based on UK Resuscitation Guidelines, regulated by Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) and accredited by leading Awarding Bodies such as Qualsafe Awards.

You will be assessed throughout using Q&A, practical exercises and written test.

The teaching method is relaxed and designed to create a conducive learning atmosphere for various learning styles. Learners are encouraged to ask questions- no question is silly- every question helps the learning process.

Each learner must be able to speak, understand and write in English, as per requirement by the Awarding Body. You will also need to be able to perform CPR or recovery position while kneeling on the floor. Other practical exercises do not require you to kneel such as in bandaging and choking.

Although FAW is focused on first aid for adults, first aid for children is mentioned to illustrate the similarities and differences.

Combined First Aid at Work and Paediatric First Aid course

If you work with children as well as adults, this First Aid at work course can be combined with the 2-day Paediatric First Aid course for the same duration 3 days. In order to cover all topics of both courses, one hour is added each day. Learners on the combined FAW/Paediatric course will receive 2 accredited certificates: one for First Aid at Work, second for Paediatric First Aid course.

E-certificates are issued within 3 working days after you have successfully completed the course.

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"Very good!!"
- Uracy (3-day First Aid at Work course held on 23-25 Aug 2023)

"Great course! A lot of content to cram into 3 days. "
- Daniel (3-day First Aid at Work course held on 23-25 Aug 2023)

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