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CPR/AED/Annual Refresher course

Duration: 3 hours or half day;
Accreditation: This is an Ofqual-regulated qualification.

Group booking:

This course is offered for group booking only.

You can book from a minimum of 4 up to 12 participants. Let us know how many people will attend and we will send you the costs and available dates.

We will come to your venue to deliver this course.

Class size:

Maximum of 12 participants for each course.
For group booking, you can book from a minimum of 4 up to 12 participants.

Who is this course for:

This course is for those who wish to refresh their knowledge on first aid while their first aid certificates are still valid.

This is also the course for health professionals (GPs, Nurses, Dentists, etc) who would like to maintain their first aid skills on an annual basis.

This is a good course for the general public who would like a quick introduction to first aid.

Course Content:

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"Good mixture of practical + theoretical information. Trainer was very clear + good. They went through potential challenges. " - Tom
(18 Aug 2023) (3-hour Basic Life Support course)

"I'm happy with the course and demonstrations. I recommend the course and instructor." - Dr Claudia
(18 Aug 2023) (3-hour Basic Life Support course)

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